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Entry #1


2012-08-04 23:12:14 by TheHigherPowers

"Project Nexus is settling in... our plan, despite their efforts against us, shall succeed. Now back to work." - E


Hank: Alive

Jebus: Dead

Tricky: CORRUPTEDj983j9jn9n8gb8ANGREHFAEC3904jn98gn945n9 0n

Auditor: CORRUPTEDDDDDDDD03945nj39n8g3g8cumdumpster92j9n9 4n

Sanford: Alive

Deimos: Alive

Nexus Project Super Agent: Alive



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2012-08-05 09:06:25

hold up you dont know diemos is dead his body was missing so he could have been taken and upgraded or ...corrupted..

(Updated ) TheHigherPowers responds:

Error 555: Your Authorization is invalid. We cannot tell you what happened to Priority 6...


2012-08-05 09:28:41

LOL, Hot dog guy.

(Updated ) TheHigherPowers responds:

Without him, our troops shall not be fed..


2012-08-05 20:23:12

So what's the current main priority against Hank and Sanford at least. Is it still Agency Against Hank Wimbledon, or has it been embedded in to Project: Nexus?

And are you the one who gave the Heavy Machine Gun or MG42 to the guards to be deployed where Sanford and Deimos destroyed some or all of the OBSV Agents?

(Updated ) TheHigherPowers responds:

As far as we can say, Most of our organization has crumbled... Project: Nexus is what the Agency With Hank Wimbleton refer to us now as. Our main priority is to stop them from destroying our buildings..

Yes I am -E as you saw on the box.. which stands for Eminence ..... I gave it to them so that they may cause more vehemence... I only knew Sanford and Deimos would acquire it... I told them they should have set it up... They're just lucky I didn't get to them first.


2012-08-06 00:10:39

Are you also the one responsible for the staking "Traitor" agents to walls or ceilings whilst a Demonic looking Tricky was trying to kill Hank?

Also. I think your Agents need more training if they are going to be a Magnified Hank and also a normal Sanford. But why is Deimos' state alive. I'm sure with all the bullets put in to him and being used as a bullet shield has probably killed him. Or did you decide to revive him for the fun?

Kind of good too the Auditor is gone anyway. He always was a bit of a show off. Probably played too many shooting games... I mean you wouldn't try sniping someone with a minigun would you?

(Updated ) TheHigherPowers responds:

I ordered them to be punished, Auditor wanted them staked to the wall, they were going to help the A.W.H.W. We plan to toughen Agent Training, but main priorities are on Project Nexus which will help us build Super Agents with skills equal to that of Sanford..the old hank... etcetera. I revived Deimos to cause more Bloodshed, our plan is to keep violence at high rates to slow normality as much as possible. It is good the Auditor is dead..but Tricky...anyways... I'm only the temporary leader right now.


2012-08-06 01:11:02

So why do you want the Normality progress slowed?

Also are you doing your own plans. Or did the Auditor have some in case of death?

TheHigherPowers responds:

If normality rate is fully reached..everything turns back tyo normal. So do we. We believe Hanks already turned back to what heblooked like when he fought Tricky..our engineers are also working on a new improbability drive. I cannot reveal The Plan.


2012-08-06 13:10:03

Ehhw Remember Keep Your Priority On -E Normality Will Be Processed and justice served Keep your strikes on key buildings Radio, Barracks, Cloneing, Bars, Etc. Tis Is EHHW's Leader -L

(Updated ) TheHigherPowers responds:

Justice will not be served. The E.H.H.W will die soon... have fun being alive while you can...

- E


2012-08-06 19:40:46

bad drawing by the way


2012-08-06 22:08:59

Get me some Anti-G0lm unit to track that tranmission. And Wear my damn coffee!


2012-08-07 00:30:23

@Laserforce I couldn't track anything myself... We'll find him